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Service Manual

Service Manual
Sr.No. Title Details/Download
1 Combined Competitive Recruitment Examination Rules Download(198.09 KB)Combined Competitive Recruitment Examination Rules
2 Criteria for Entry into Government Service Download(118.62 KB)Criteria for Entry into Government Service
3 Conduct Rules Download(320.63 KB)Conduct Rules
4 Criteria for Promotion Download(380.46 KB)Criteria for Promotion
5 Defence of Government Servants in Legal Proceedings Download(164.87 KB)Defence of Government Servants in Legal Proceedings
6 Disciplinary Measures Download(477.97 KB)Disciplinary Measures
7 District Cadre Download(363.35 KB)District Cadre
8 Diploma Engineers Download(139.64 KB)Diploma Engineers
9 Group "D" Employees Download(164.1 KB)Group "D" Employees
10 Engagement of Retired Officers Download(177.58 KB)Engagement of Retired Officers
11 General Conditions of Service Download(206.87 KB)General Conditions of Service
12 Heads of Department Cadre Download(344.27 KB)Heads of Department Cadre
13 Miscellaneous Matters Download(210.94 KB)Miscellaneous Matters
14 Posts Download(277.38 KB)Posts
15 Premature Retirement Download(172.9 KB)Premature Retirement
16 Rehabilitation Assistance Download(256.76 KB)Rehabilitation Assistance
17 Reserved Categories Download(456.1 KB)Reserved Categories
18 Staff Selection Commission Download(187.62 KB)Staff Selection Commission
19 Work-charged Employees Download(168.42 KB)Work-charged Employees
20 Transfer and Posting Download(141.34 KB)Transfer and Posting