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State Archaeology

  • State Archaeology functioned separately from 1965. Earlier it was attached with State Museum. The main activities of State Archaeology are survey and exploration of monuments and archaeological sites, protection and conservation of monuments having local and State importance, excavation of archaeological sites and publication on its different activities. So far 222 monuments have been accorded protection as per the Odisha Ancient Monuments Preservation Act of 1956
  • Earlier, excavation work of archaeological and historical sites such as Kuruma, Bankada, Brahmabana, Raibania Fort, Khurda Gada, Sankarjang and Golbai were carried out. The excavation of Maraguda valley was under taken from 1991 and the last phase of the work is over. In recent past excavation at Biratagada, Kichakagada and Belasaragarh were also done by this Department. Earlier, survey and exploration of river valleys such as Prachi, Daya, Bhargavi, Fkushabhadra and Chitrotpala were completed.
  • There are nine sculpture sheds housing sculptures, found from archaeological operations maintained by State Archaeology at Ayodhya, Kaupur, Sukleswar, Tirtha Matha, Kenduli, Niali, Kundesvara, Vishnupur, Lataharana and Boudh Town
  • So far two publications have been brought out by this Department. These are:- "Prachi Valley Survey Report" and "Annual Archaeological Survey Report", Vol-I. It is proposed to publish a "Directory of Protected Monuments" in near future. Archaeological gardens are maintained at few protected sites
  • The organization is headed by a Superintendent in Junior Class-I rank. There are four posts of permanent Curators. In addition two Curators-cum-Registering Officer posts are functioning at Cuttack and Berhampur, who look after the registration of antiquities in their jurisdiction. The technical staff in the organization consists of one Assistant Curator, one Junior Landscaping Architect, one Chemical Assistant, one Photographer, one Draughtsman and one Archaeological Assistant Engineer along with two posts of Conservation Assistant.
  • Activities of Odisha State Archaeology


Under the refurbishment program of Tourism Department, Government of India, for which funds were received through the Department of Tourism, Government of Odisha the refurbishment work of the following monuments are being done.

  1. Khurdagarh
  2. Baladevjiu Temple, Kendrapara
  3. Binodabahari Temple, Raghunatha Nagar.


Survey of 220 monuments belonging to a period between 7th C.A.D. to 19th Century have been made in the different district during the last five years.

Maintenance Work Of Protected Monuments

Maintenance work of Protected Monuments like Buddhist Monastery, Kuruma, Somanatha Temple, Budhapada, Prasanna Purusottama Temple, Tigiria and Kichakesvari Temple, Khiching are being taken up.

Central Assistance Schemes

Proposals were submitted to Department of Culture, Government of India for preservation of Jaina Heritage of Odisha. An amount of Rs.28 lakhs for preservation of Jaina Heritage of Odisha have been sanctioned by Department of Culture, Government of India. Mini site museum and sculpture sheds at the following places have been completed.

  • Jaina Sculpture Shed at Panchagaon, Dist. Khurda
  • Jaina Sculpture Shed at Hatadiha, Dist. Jajpur
  • Jaina Sculpture Shed, at Bagalpur, Dist. Khurda
  • Jaina Sculpture Shed, at. Chasipura, Dist. Keonjhar
  • Jaina Sculpture Shed, at. Podasingidi, Dist. Keonjhar
  • Jaina Mini Site Museum, at. Jamunda, Dist. Koraput
  • Jaina Mini Site Museum, at. Pratapnagari, Dist. Cuttack.