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Chhamana Athaguntha

Sr. No. Title Details/Download
1 Mukhabanda Download(66.43 KB)Mukhabanda
2 Prathama Parichheda Download(44.92 KB)Prathama Parichheda
3 Duitiya Parichheda Download(50.54 KB)Duitiya  Parichheda
4 Trutiya Parichheda Download(44.28 KB)Trutiya Parichheda
5 Chaturtha Parichheda Download(39.33 KB)Chaturtha Parichheda
6 Panchama Parichheda Download(36.68 KB)Panchama Parichheda
7 Saptam Parichheda Download(48.92 KB)Saptam Parichheda
8 Sasth Parichheda Download(56.93 KB)Sasth Parichheda
9 Astham Parichheda Download(72.81 KB)Astham Parichheda
10 Nabam Parichheda Download(61.11 KB)Nabam  Parichheda
11 Dasam Parichheda Download(78.41 KB)Dasam Parichheda
12 Ekadasa Parichheda Download(40.11 KB)Ekadasa Parichheda
13 Dwadasa Parichheda Download(64.84 KB)Dwadasa Parichheda
14 Trayodasa Parichheda Download(61.56 KB)Trayodasa Parichheda
15 Chaturddas Parichheda Download(59.3 KB)Chaturddas Parichheda
16 Panchadasa Parichheda Download(38.41 KB)Panchadasa Parichheda
17 Sodasa Parichheda Download(68.07 KB)Sodasa Parichheda
18 Saptadasa Parichheda Download(44.69 KB)Saptadasa Parichheda
19 Astadasa Parichheda Download(75.86 KB)Astadasa Parichheda
20 Unnabinsa Parichheda Download(97.87 KB)Unnabinsa Parichheda