Modern Upto 1948


British army under Col.Harcourt begins its March from Ganjam in the South, and occupies the mugalbandi districts of Cuttack, Puri, Balasore, thereby completing the conquesting of Odisha.

New Testament


The first book to be printed in Odia "New Testament" published by the serampore Baptist Mission Press.



Under the leadership of Bakshi Jagabandhu Biddyadhar, the paikas of khurda rises up against the British in what is known as the famous pikas revolt of 1817. It is primarily an agrarian revolt against thef wrong policies of land settlement and revenew administration adpoted by the British.


Missionaries arrive in Odisha.


Missionaries esgtablish Cuttack Mission Press.


Odia is adopted as the language of the court replacing persian.

fakir mohan


Fakir Mohan Senapati is born.


Kulabrudha Madhusudan Das is born.


Missionaries bring out the first Odia Magazine -"JNANARUNA"

Bhaktakabi Madhusudan Rao


Bhaktakabi Madhusudan Rao is born.


Appearance of saint poet Bhima Bhoi.


Surendra of Sambalpur, Chaki Khuntia of Puri, and ARjun Singh of Podahat join hands with sepoys in what is known as the country-wide "sepoy Mutiny:.



Poet Gangadhar Mehar is born.


A failure of reign in 1865 resulted in the loss of usual crops and brought about a catastropic famine in 1966-67 whioch laid to the death of about one million people in Odisha. Gross negligence, indifferent administration, lack of communication and in adequate attention caused atleast one man every three in Odisha die in famine. Cuttack printing press, the second in the state is established by the initiative of the people of the province. The first news paper Utkal Deipika is brought out by the Cuttack printing company.



It was during this late 19th century that a new conciousness began to take shape. The growth of modern education rise of a middle class inteligetia advent of the printing press publication of the journals and periodicals nationalistic literary activities of writers like Fakir Mohan Senapati and Radhanath Ray, rise of numerous socio religious and cultural socities formation of the Indian National Congress all these took the shape of a political movement to untile all the Odia-speaking areas under one administration.

Bagha Jatin : 1905-1910

Simultaneous with the movement for its territorial unity. Odisha marched the path of freedom struggle with the rest of India for national independence. Right from the Swadeshi Movement of 1905-1910 the practice of the land felt inspired for the cause of the country and developed anti- British feelings rapidly. By the side of the first World War, anarchical philosophies had taken root in Odisha. In the town of Baleshwar and in the Kaptipada forest areas in Mayurbhanj district, the Bengal territories with the active assistance of Odia inhibitants worked for anti-Government activities in a daring spirit. The leading territories like Jatin Mukherji alias Bagha Jatin, Manoranjan Sengupta, Narendra Dasgupta, Shasanka Sekhar Mukherji , Atal Bihari Acharya and Bairagi Tripathy aimed at bigger Conspiracies which, however, could not succeed.

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