Suleiman Karrani, the sultan of Bangal invades Odisha.


Ramachandra Bhanja, the feudatory of saranga Garh rises in rebilion and proclaims himself as the king, Mukunda Dev dies in a battel with Ramachandra Bhanj, Soon thereafter Ramachandra Bhanja also meets his defeat and death in the hands Bayazid , the son of Suleiman Karrani. He succeeds in conquering Odisha there beginning Afgan rule in Odisha.


Odisha becomes an arena for the battels between the Mughals and the Afghans when the already AFghans refuse to acknowledge the suzeraintly of the Mughals ruling over Delhi. The operation continues from 1590 to 1595 resulting in the complete defeat of Afghans.

1592 - 1751

Mughal rule in Odisha begins with sthe arrival of Raja Manasingh, Akbars Raajput General , who destroys the Afghans resistants. On the instruiction of the Akbar Odisha is divided into five sarkars : Jaleswar (including madinipur), Bhadrak , Cuttack, Chika Khol, and Raja Mahendry Dandpat. Odisha is thus acquired for Mughal empire and ;is governed as a part of the bengal Subah for sometime. It is during the Mugha lrule that the marchants carry on their brisk overseas trade & commerce and attract the attention of Europe traders. The Portugees, the Dotch, The English and The French discover Odishas economic potential for markets outside.


During the rule of Akbars son & successor,Jahangir, Odisha is constitute into a separate provinces, with Cuttakc as capital and is placed inder a subahdar.


Kavi Samrat Upendranath Bhanj is believed to have been bom around 1670.


The Nizam of Hydrabad occupies the whole of Ganjam & Chikakol (Srikakulam) & declares them as the North sarkar.

1751 - 1803

Maratha Administration of Odisha begins with Raghuji Bhonsla-I as the new chief ofthe territory - Marathas continue to rule till 1803 the year in which Odisha possess on the hands of the British Marathas administration is said to have proven fatal to the welfare and prosperity of the land and presents a picture of misrule, anarchy and weakness, repacity and violence. Marathas rulers however patronise religion and religious institutions, thus making Odisha center of attration, Oriya literature also makes rapid progress.


East India company set up trade Hariharpur and Balasore.

1757 - 1764

After the battel of plassey in 1757 & Buxar in 1764 the British empire builders look for acquiring more Indian territories. Odisha being the neighbouring state of Bengal naturally comes to be include in their design.

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